Ways to Preserve an Opened Bottle of Wine

It is sometimes difficult to finish a bottle of wine after opening it up. Therefore, many people save a bottle until they have friends and loved ones around. If you happen to be in this category, read this article to know the best way to preserve your wine after opening!

How to Preserve Wine After Opening

The tips in this article come from wine professionals with years of experience in the wine industry, hence their advice’s efficiency.

1. Properly Re-cork

An essential rule for preserving an opened bottle of wine is to replace the cork properly. Do not use the clean side to avoid tainting the wine in the bottle. The stained side is better for re-corking the bottle since it has already been exposed to the wine. With this side, the taste remains fine even after a day or two.

2. Pour into a Half Bottle

The air causes your wine aroma and flavor to change. You can limit the exposure by pouring the leftover wine with a funnel into a screw-cap half bottle. The top of the bottle can have some air, but it is undoubtedly not as much as the one in the regular bottle.

3. Keep in the Refrigerator

Like you usually refrigerate leftover food, putting all leftover wine in the refrigerator is essential after uncorking it. The cool temperature in the fridge will cool it off, slowing down the breakdown process.

One of the best options to cool off the wine and still rightly preserve it after uncorking is buying a wine cooler. They are very effective in slowing down the spoiling process. There are several options so you only have to contact an experienced wine cooler seller.

Another very effective means of preserving it is to put it in a dual-zone wine cooler with double zones. You can easily buy a dual-zone wine cooler today from any credible store.

4. Open it Appropriately

If you need to open that bottle of wine when you know that you will not be able to finish the entire bottle, or even half, get a Coravin, which is similar to a rabbit opener. Using a needle gives the cork a little pierce and fills with argon gas. Pour out the quantity you desire, take the needle, and the cork will automatically seal up. The Coravin is a popular device that several restaurants use in selling a glass of top-shelf wines.

5. Drink to Finish

A 750-ml bottle of wine contains about five glasses of wine. It is not wrong for you to consume two glasses with someone else and equally share the last one while having a meal. About 2-3 glasses of wine are not excessive.


Sometimes it is hard to resist opening that new bottle of wine you just bought. It may also be challenging to save that bottle you have kept for a while. The good news is that this article contains all the helpful guides to help you preserve all unfinished bottles of wine.