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MAGISNAT: the spin-off that claims to prevent disease through nutrition

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The Mediterranean diet makes it possible to prevent many diseases.

This is possible because it is composed mainly of numerous plant foods and to a lesser extent of those of animal origin.

The presence of raw vegetables, cereals, legumes, oily fish, extra virgin olive oil and various spices make sure to make the human body healthy.

Those who follow this type of diet have physical health benefits and make it possible to keep the body in good physical shape.

Going into specifics, it is important to know that the foods of the Mediterranean diet can be divided into seven groups.

The first involves meat, fish and eggs, which should be eaten in extreme moderation. Meat should be lean meat, such as poultry, rabbit, lamb and goat, and should be consumed a maximum of once or twice a week. As for fish, on the other hand, preference should be given mainly to oily fish, and this too should be consumed a maximum of once or twice a week. Finally, eggs are whole and can be of any kind and consumed a maximum of three times a week.

The second group includes milk and dairy products, which can be sheep, goat and cow milk. Milk and yogurt can be consumed frequently, while cheeses would be better consumed in smaller quantities.

Instead, the third and fourth groups contain cereals, tubers and legumes: the main elements of the Mediterranean diet. They can be consumed daily and in moderate portions. They mainly provide energy and all essential amino acids. They are rich in fiber, water-soluble vitamins and some minerals and contain, in addition, other useful molecules.

The fifth group contains the fats and oils for seasoning. The most important condiment in the Mediterranean diet is extra virgin olive oil, which is consumed daily in small quantities.

Last two groups are the sixth and seventh groups and include vegetables, fruits and spices. These foods are sources of vitamins A and C and are consumed daily at all meals, especially raw. In addition, the fiber, antioxidants, phytosterols, and few good fats they contain make them protective against wellness diseases and many types of cancer. Their high water and potassium content also provides additional protection against hypertension.

It is important to remember that red wine, despite not being part of these basic groups, provides many antioxidants and anticancer molecules, such as resveratrol. It is advisable to drink a maximum of one or two glasses a day.

MAGISNAT, in addition to promoting the Mediterranean diet and physical activity, is collaborating with several university groups to develop a line of dietary supplements composed exclusively of beneficial bioactive molecules found in the plants of the Mediterranean diet. These supplements, so far, are: GARLIVE RECOVERY, based on olive tree polyphenols and high-dose vitamins, and GARLIVE ORAL SPRAY based on olive tree polyphenols. The goal for this spin-off is to help those seeking sources of beneficial substances found in the plants of the Mediterranean diet to reduce caloric intake through a balanced diet according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet and to promote physical activity.