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Gum Arabic as Safe and Vegan Source of Soluble Fiber

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Many kinds of herbal products come from different plants and trees. Each of them has different functions. It can be the leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, and even the tree saps. For the tree saps, gum Arabic is one of the most popular tree products for various benefits. Gum Arabic is also called as acacia gum. It is because the tree saps come from certain acacia trees.  The tree saps can flow naturally from the tress or it can flow from the incision made on the tree branches. The saps are harvested from wild trees so normally it is not from cultivated lands or forests. The trees that produce the acacia gums can be found in area of Africa, such as the southern part of Sahel. Currently, the acacia gum or gum Arabic becomes part of ingredients in food industries, pharmaceutical, and even the cosmetic industries. Various functions of the acacia gum can be found. Then, is gum arabic vegan?

Gum Arabic as Vegan Products

In addition to its functions as ingredients in some industries, acacia gums or gum Arabic can also be consumed directly. There are many stores that sell the edible acacia gum. However, some people have concern regarding the acacia gum. They have questions whether it is vegan or not. Actually, the questions can be answered quite easily. It is totally vegan and it is 100% natural products of trees. It is not made with artificial process and it has no additional chemicals and substances that will be added before the acacia gums can be consumed. The edible products are still the gums harvested in the trees. This is totally safe.

Gum Arabic and How It Is Harvested and Utilized

As long as you purchase the real acacia gums, it is guaranteed that it will be 100% natural and vegan. It is harvested directly from certain acacia tress. Even, it is harvested from the wild trees in certain locations. Thus, you do not need to doubt its characteristic as vegan ingredients. In addition, it has no pesticides and other chemical substances. Each acacia gums are harvested from the wild trees and the tree saps cannot be harvested easily when it comes from the planted and nurtured trees. In fact, the worse condition of its environment will provide better quality of gums. Even, now FDA and other organizations have acknowledged the acacia gum or gum Arabic as the safe ingredients and products with no serious side effects.

Benefits of Acacia Gums

Chemically, acacia gums have interesting natural substances. It becomes great source of soluble fibers. This has no flavor, fragrance, and color that will affect foods once it is used as one of the ingredients. It is also very safe thus it is popular among people who need to gain high quality of fiber. Its soluble fiber will give good benefits for health, especially in its role of improving the absorption process in the digestive organs. Then, it will be helpful for lose weight. Those who have problems with cholesterol can also get good benefits from acacia gums. Then, it is also safe ingredients in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries because of its effects in dealing with inflammation and other purposes.