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Best Hiking destinations in Germany

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Germany is a country that is highly blessed with diverse landscapes that offer ideal spots for hiking. Specifically, it boasts of more than 53,000 trails that attract hikers of all abilities. The most rewarding and famous hiking trails for Germans are more than several hundred kilometers long, undertaken in stages, typically comprised of overnights in guesthouses along the way. It is not everyone who can complete the time-consuming long excursions. Germany has some rewarding shorter walks for such persons. If you are new to Germany and may want directions on the best-hiking destinations to visit. You can always visit review sites such as to help you identify reputable tour companies that will guide you on your visit to Germany to find some hiking destinations that you will enjoy. TrekkInn will help you find such destinations in Spain.

Blankenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt

Blankenburg is a perfect hiking destination that offers 8,000 kilometers long hiking trails comprising of the Harzer Wandernadel. It has an award system situated in Harz National Park, offering enthusiasts of outdoor life limitless entertainment. There are various levels of challenges at Blankenburg which you’ll earn points at each. There are also checkpoints along the way with green stamps and a hiking passport used to mark your progress. A hike at Blankenburg will have you get a chance to witness cultural treasures, the rich wildlife, mountains, and monasteries that the area has to offer.

Ilsenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt

At the bottom of Harz mountains is Ilsenburg, a town frequented by hiking enthusiasts to look at the mountain’s highest peak, the Brocken. The mountain is 1,141 meters tall and offers one a view of the whole region. In the path to the summit, you’ll pass two big and cliff-like granite boulders, the Devil’s Pulpit (Teufelskanzel) and the Witches Altar (Hexenalter). If you got a lazy day, a steam train takes passengers to the top of the mountain.

Masserberg, Thüringen

Located on the Rennsteig trail that is 700 years old, Masserberg is Europe’s oldest trail. The trail is 169 kilometers along the Thuringian Forest’s upland. The trail is famous for its historic scenery and sights. It is dotted with 1,300 boundary stones that date back to the 16th century. Through it, a hiker goes through peaceful meadows, virginal forests, and valleys that have natural springs that are crystal clear. The route also has a tradition of greetings where instead of good morning or hello, people greet each other gut runst!

Lohmen, Sachsen

This is a hike near the Lohmen village and with more than 1,200 kilometers of trail. A visit to Lohmen, Sachsen will have you view volcanic gorges and cones and mystical sandstone columns that are one million years old and are bound amid the deep green forest. The baster is the most popular of the park’s numerous surreal rock formations. It is a natural monolith that is 194 meters tall, looming over the Elbe River.


Situated, from Tuttlingen to Donauwörthin in the Swabian Jura range, Albsteig is 15 stages, 365-kilometre trail. A hike through this trail will see you witness stunning panoramas, dramatic sceneries, and various castles. The Hohenzollern Castle is the most famous. Hikers find it challenging to complete the hike in 15 days but breaking it into 25 shorter stages makes it easier.


This is the countries longest hiking trail running 660 kilometers. It begins at Marktredwitz, passes through Europe’s biggest protected forest, the Bavarian Forest, and ends at Passan. At Oberviechtach, the trail divides into two, with the northern route being more challenging, going through 1000m peaks succession. Those who choose the southern trail will have a gentler hike via the shaded forest. The route is made up of 38 stages. Hikers at Goldsteig will enjoy local Bavarian, local cuisine, and the area’s attractive landscape, among others.

In conclusion, Germany is a country with multiple hiking destinations. This article offers the reader the various hiking destinations they can visit in Germany.