The Best E-book Readers of 2013

There is absolutely no down-side to getting an e-book reader; you are helping the environment by cutting paper demand, you are ridding yourself of all the book-burden without getting rid of the book-reading experience, and you can have you entire book library with you at all times. Getting an e-book reader for yourself or your loved one is an excellent decision, and the following are the best e-book readers of 2013.

Amazon Kindle & Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon is famous for providing a marketplace-like environment to its customers, with hundreds of thousands of products listed on it pertaining to all sorts of categories and industries. What it is not famous for is having its own products available for purchase. Amazon Kindle is one of the very first products by Amazon for the global market which aims to snatch some market share for Amazon in the e-book industry, and considering its popularity, Amazon has emerged triumphant.


The Kindle has impressed the market in 2013 with two different versions, namely Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite. Both the Kindles use the E-Ink technology for the screen, to minimize glare and ensure a comfortable reading experience, have 8-weeks of battery life, multi-point touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, PDF support, and disk space for over 1000 books.

The Kindle Paperwhite includes one distinctive feature over the simpler version of Kindle, which is an LED backlight to enable reading in the dark. If you are a fan of reading before bedtime, then this is the e-book reader for you.

The Kindles are also heavily supported by Amazon, as you get unlimited cloud storage on Amazon for books and other Kindle content, and thousands of books on the Kindle e-Store on Amazon. Kindle is available for purchase at a humble $69, whereas the Paperwhite version is available at $119. A 3G version is also available for the Paperwhite model, which provides free 3G globally (without any contract whatsoever) with a price tag of $179. Amazon has a great trade-in program that allows you to get Amazon gift card that can be counted towards the newer Kindle.

Kobo Aura HD


Kobo is famous for its service to the e-book industry. The company is dedicated to providing e-books and e-book readers to its customers, and in 2013, Kobo stands firm in the e-book industry with its very distinct model: the Kobo Aura HD.

The Kobo Aura HD model comes with a 6.8” Pearl E-Ink touchscreen that has a resolution of 212ppi (pixels per inch), which ensures crisp text display. But that is not all that lets Kobo define itself as the market leader.

With the Aura HD model, Kobo has tried to break barriers by installing a 1 GHz processor (20% more than competitor products), 4GB storage, Wi-Fi and Micro USB connectivity, 8 weeks of battery life, and a backlight that spreads evenly throughout the screen. The 4GB storage can be expanded up to 32 GB thanks to the Micro SD card slot available on the device. All this at the price of $185 makes Kobo Aura HD an exceptional e-reader.

Nook Glowlight by Barnes & Noble

BNSimpleTouchwNewCoverNook Glowlight is a direct competitor of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Aura HD (even though Kobo Aura HD is far superior to its competitors, its higher price brings it down to their level). However, there is something Nook has that both Amazon and Kobo have yet to achieve: a huge market share. Barnes & Noble is a famous brand in the book industry, and when Barnes & Noble releases an e-book reader into the market, it results in instant customer following and loyalty.

However, the Nook Glowlight has made the cut as one of the best e-book readers out there in the market in 2013 not because of the brand name of Barnes & Noble, but because of what it can do. Specifically, it is almost like Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, with a 6” Pearl E-Ink touchscreen display, 212 ppi screen resolution, 8-week battery, Wi-Fi, and backlight that offers minimal glare even in the dark.

The Nook Glowlight also offers you storage for over 2000 books, is completely Ad-free, provides customized recommendations for books from experts at Barnes & Noble, and weighs only 6.2 oz, all of which are better than Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The Nook Glowlight is on sale at a small price of $119, at par with its direct competitor.