Miitomo is All About Personalizing Your Character and Socialize

Ever wanted to turn yourself into a cartoon? Miitomo, a new social app offering from Nintendo, can do exactly that. Fans of Nintendo already familiar with Mii characters may be shouting at the top of their lung, so how is this any different from what was already available? At first glance not much but after you dig inside the hood, there are many unique and ambitious parts of Miitomo that makes it a refreshing new app that not only gamers can enjoy, but for everyone.

The app starts off by creating your character then personalizing it. There are so many different ways to make your characters stand out. First of all, you can upload a photo of your face and apply that texture to your virtual Miitomo character. Mine turned out quite handsomely (ahem!) and it was just the beginning of making my character unique and awesome.

Already there are a lot of requests on how to acquire and maximize the precious resource known as coins. There are dailies you can do as tasks to get coins. Answering questions from your friends also earns you free coins as well. The easiest way to generate this resource on heavy demand so far seems to be Miitomo hack for coins.

Another way to make your characters pop is by buying fancy clothes. There are many cool clothes you can get to play dress up with your Miitomo character. Clothes are purchased using coins, which can be gotten by earning for it by performing some simple tasks. There are cheats for Miitomo that can be used to get free coins but they are not authorized nor are they official Nintendo apps.

Once you have your Mii character all set up, it’s time to…get weird! That’s right, Miitomo is nothing like you’ve seen before in social network gaming app and here is the key feature that makes it different from others like it. You can take selfies with your Mii characters and this is proving to be what keeps the players coming back for more. Miifoto is the selfie taking part of the app and you can do many things here. First, you are not stuck with some preset backgrounds given by Nintendo, although that is an option. You can upload your own background to play around with, which is a game changer. Already, there have been a lot of Miifotos that have gone viral and taken the internet by storm.