Helping Your Sims Freeplay Children with Chemistry Assignments

Sims Freeplay is truly an open-ended game. There are so many things you can do and you can become that the game truly enjoys the limitless re-playability. This can be double-edged sword because many players can be confused on how to go around and pursue whatever they want without any direction. For many, it’s more comforting to follow a line and stick with it, as they are afraid of making mistakes and bad choices when venturing out into the unknown.

Having kids and going to school to become studious little children are one aspect that becomes far too real in Sims Freeplay. Unlike other games, Sims game is a genre of its own, a simulation that can sometimes be too real to be virtual. This became all to apparent when I was playing the game and encountered the Chemistry homework for my Sims children.

In Sims, you can and should send your kids to school. There are elementary school and high schools and it’s an easy way for children in Sims Freeplay to occupy themselves. However, it isn’t all for nothing, as they can get better grades which translates to more Simoleons they can earn.

In High School of Sims Freeplay, Chemistry is one subject that students has to learn. Not unlike many high schools in America, the students of Sims tend to struggle with high level chemistry problems. My kids in my Sims Freeplay encountered exactly that and it was then when I had to hire a tutor to help out with the Chemistry subject. Tutors can be quite pricey in terms of Simoleons that can be neutralized by Sims Freeplay unlimited money and life points hack.

The Chemistry homework is sometimes a randomly given quest to the students and when you complete them, the student can earn free Simoleons from completing the task. There is no rhyme or reason when they will be assigned with this task but when it happens, take full advantage of the opportunity.

Assign them to the study desk and then you can instruct them to the following tasks to complete the Chemistry homework: Brainstorm then Study. There is a time-limits to how long you can have the Chemistry assignment so if you forget to do this, you can always have them ‘cram’ for it. However, I cannot recommend it unless as a last resort option because the grades will suffer and your pre-teen sims will suffer from it, possibly from illness or fatigue.

What helped facilitate the Chemistry assignment faster and easier for the students is by having at least a Teachers Aide in your town. This will enable the tutor feature that can cut down on the time to complete the assignment in half.